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2021 May Smart Buildings of Today and The Future

A look into the potential for smart buildings that do more than help manage energy costs. Smart buildings can also help create a easier way to interact with the building and its other occupants.

2020 Feb West Hartford Energy Efficiency Community - Catherine Diviney

Building An Energy Efficient Community: West Hartford

2018 Apr Lighting Controls (Session 1 Room A)

Integrating Lighting Controls for New and Retrofits

2018 Apr Compressed Air (Session 1A Room C)

Advances In Compressed Air Technology

2018 Apr Steam Insulation (Session 1B Room C)

Steam Wraps for Energy Efficiency

2018 Apr Steam Traps (Session 1C Room C)

Steam System Energy Efficiency Opportunities

2018 Apr Emerging Technologies (Session 2 Room A)

Emerging Advanced Energy Efficiency Technologies - NEEP

2018 Apr RTU VFD & DCV (Session 2A Room B)

VFD for Speed control & Demand Control Ventilation

2018 Apr FDD (Session 2B Room B)

Economizer Fault Detection & Diagnostics

2018 Apr Cx Daylighting Systems (Session 2 Room C)

Commissioning Daylighting Control Systems

2018 Apr IoT & Lighting Systems - Session 3 Room A

Applying the Internet of Things to Lighting Systems

2018 Apr Emerging Technologies - Session 2 Room A

Emerging Advanced Energy Efficiency Technologies - NEEP

2018 Apr Small Bldg Metering (Session 3A Room B)

Small Building Electrical Metering

2018 Apr Small Bldg Analytics (Session 3B Room B)

Building Analytics For Small Buildings

2018 Apr Refrigeration (Session 3 Room C)

Refrigeration System Controls & Efficiency

2017 Feb Energy Infrastructure Region Electric

Stephen Rourke - VP System Planning, ISO-NE

2017 Feb Energy Infrastructure Conn Electric

James Shucked ow - Director Energy Supply, Eversource

2017 Feb Energy Infrastructure Region Nat Gas

Steve Leahy - VP Policy & Analysis, Northeast Gas Association

2017 Feb Energy Infrastructure Conn Nat Gas

John Rubia - Sr Director Energy & Supply, Avangrid

2017 Feb Energy Infrastructure Conn Oil, Propane

Christian Herb - Director Connecticut Energy Marketers Association

2017 Feb Energy Infrastructure CT DEEP

Diane Duval -Director Office of Energy Demand, Bureau of Energy & Technology Policy, CT DEEP

2017 Feb Energy Infrastructure EnegizeCT C & I Update

Donna Wells, Dir Energy Services C&I, Avangrid & John Kibee, Mgr Energy Efficiency, Eversource

2016 December RTU Upgrade Technologies

John Hennessey - President, Advanced Energy Products

2016 Nov Perfecting Your Pumps

Jen Muir Presentation on Pumps and New Eff Standards

2016 Oct The War on Pipe Insulation

Meghan Reilly - Insulation Jackets and Pipe Insulation

2016 Sept World Class Energy Mgmt Program

Sean West UTC 5 Essential Elements of A World Class Energy Management Program

2016 Mar Tunxis CC Energy Mgmt Program

Eric Gribin Dir BEST Program - Bldg Eff and Sustainable Tech Certificates & Degrees

2016 Feb CPACE Program Updates

Nicholas Zuba - CT Greenbank CPACE Program Updates

2016 Jan Cheshire Lighting Upgrade Case Study

Michael Amato - Enlighted and Vincent Masciana - Cheshire Public Schools

2015 Dec CHP - Kosanovic

Combined Heat Power systems by Dr. Kosanovic of UMASS Industrial Energy Assessment Center

2015 Oct CT Energy Code - Wajcs

Overview of Significant Changes in IECC 2012 (to be adopted as CT Energy Code)

2015 April - ISO NE Overview & Update

Mary Louise "Weezy" Nuara

2015 Mar CBEI by Mark Wagner

Consortium for Building Energy Innovation

2015 January Meeting - Waste Heat Power Generation

Making Free Electricity with Organic Rankine Cycles - Alex Alexandrovich, P.E

2014 December - Smart Grid

From Vertical Integration to Enabling Price Responsive Demand - David Dobratz